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Welcome to The Bull & Swan

The beautiful old merchant town of Stamford came top of a Sunday Times list of the best places to live in Britain - and while The Bull & Swan is a consistent favourite with locals and visitors alike, Burghley House is the undisputed jewel in its crown.

Once upon a time there was a drinking club at Burghley House. It was founded by The 5th Earl of Exeter in 1684 and it was called The Honourable Order of Little Bedlam. It had an eclectic bunch of members: The Baptist Earl of Gainsborough was known as Greyhound, The Hon Charles Bertie was The Stag and The Earl of Denbigh was Tyger amongst other nefarious characters.

We are not sure who The Bull (rumoured to be The Hon Charles Cecil) and The Swan were and nor are we sure that the club dined at this historic Stamford Public House - but it is highly likely they did.

They would have drunk locally brewed ales, feasted on Burghley Estate and other local produce and created total bedlam. Things have a habit of coming round and we are delighted to invite you to dine on our local produce, sup our fine ales and obviously behave very, very well!

PS Sorry - forgot to say that we have the best kept secret in Stamford - amazing bedrooms... 9 of them... incredibly comfortable... great size... showers and baths - and rather good value.